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Blending A Mind for Business with the Heart of a Non-Profit

EquityVest is a wholly-owned, single member LLC (“SMLLC”) of Significant Matters, Inc., a registered 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to advance sustainable solutions to material poverty through the faith-driven community.  

As far as we know, we are the only Reg CF funding portal wholly-owned by a non-profit organization.  We have no “shareholders” expecting a high ROI on their investment in the platform itself.  

Instead, EquityVest has been funded entirely by faith-driven individuals who believe the faith-driven community can do as much good in this world through business as it has through traditional forms of charitable work. 

Opening Doors of Opportunity for Faith-Driven Start-ups to Raise Funding.

We seek to support companies and entrepreneurs who believe that capitalism combined with faith and Christian virtues can generate lasting economic, social, environmental, and spiritual benefits as well as act as a tempering agent against selfishness and greed.  

We believe such an approach advances social justice and inclusion that lifts individuals and whole communities out of material poverty while expressing God’s tangible love.  While we do not require any particular statement of faith for either entrepreneurs or investors, why and what we do through EquityVest is rooted in our Christian faith.  

We aim to mobilize the faith-based world to more intentionally use enterprise solutions as a way to shape culture, address poverty, affirm human dignity and advance the gospel. We reserve the right to limit offers on our portal to those businesses whose activities reflect Judeo-Christian values and whose mission seeks to generate lasting economic, social, environmental, and spiritual benefits.

Managing Team

Going Above and Beyond to Serve Investors and Entrepreneurs

Tom Bassford is founder and President of Significant Matters, a non-profit organization working with churches and other faith-based groups wanting to move beyond the “helping that hurts” narrative.  He’s also the creator of SaTtalks. Before founding Significant Matters, he pastored for over 30 years and has been involved in the work of church missions both locally and internationally for over 40 years.  “Our particular niche is to help churches reframe missions around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people who can help that happen.”

Dave Geenens | CFO

Dave is an accomplished executive, CPA, and educator. He has written four books, the latest of which is “Truth and the Transcendent Business.”  He is Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Thompson Center for Integrity in Finance and Economics at Benedictine College. He brings a passion for the role that business and virtue contribute to the work of sustainable solutions.  He also brings an understanding for how the faith-driven world can better utilize the marketplace person who wants to serve this world with their God-given talents.

VP of Business Development

Wayne is a Certified Financial Planning practitioner (CFP) and a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) with over 35 years experience. He’s also the founder of Generous Vision which helps people increase their capacity to live and give. Eternally curious, he is never satisfied with the status quo, but always seeks to find better, more successful approaches to solving problems. Wayne, and his wife, Jude, are committed to doing whatever they can to make the world a better place. They believe “we are here on earth to help others and whatever God has blessed us with is for us to bless others.”

Jerry Fultz i COO

Jerry has been deeply involved in the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denver for the past decade.  He’s served as a judge at pitch competitions, been a part of start-up cohorts in healthcare, and provided leadership to faith-based initiatives seeking to elevate the role of business in addressing social inequities.

Jerry has served as chair of a church board, been involved in non-profit leadership for over 20 years, and owned a small business for 12 years.  He holds a Communications degree from Kansas University and a Graduate Certificate in Global Healthcare Administration from the University of


Marti Gutwein

Marti is a graduate of Purdue University and a pharmacist by profession but has taken early retirement to volunteer in the community and spend more time with her family. She has served as the Class Administrator of Bible Study Fellowship, the Speaker Chair for TEDxPurdueU, and President of the Lafayette Rotary. Her interests collided when she was introduced to the work of Significant Matters and brought a version of SaTtalks to her community. Marti and her husband, Brent, have three grown children and recently completed a trek to Everest Base Camp.

Ron spent his early career working for Kimberly Clark where he became President of the Adult Care Sector of North America and then President of the Consumer Tissue Sector for all of Europe. In that role he was responsible for 16 countries, 13 production mills, and over 3,000 employees.  For the past 20 years, Ron has owned and operated up to 12 Subway franchises.  Valuing people, clear thinking, generosity, and living out your faith in the day-to-day decisions are core to Ron’s success in business.  He is also co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Significant Matters.

Grady Hawley

Grady is the founder of Soleran, a software development company offering configurable mobile and web app solutions for the hospital compliance community. Grady has been sales director for a national telecom company, involved in multiple start-ups, and CEO and founder of companies ranging from real estate and mortgage solutions to software companies. He currently serves on several boards in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds.  He is passionate about sustainable solutions through church missions and helping church leaders understand how to engage their marketplace people in those pursuits.

Significant Partners

EquityVest is a wholly-owned, single member LLC (“SMLLC”) of Significant Matters, Inc., a registered 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to advance sustainable solutions to material poverty through the faith-driven community. Learn more about Significant Matters and other key partners related to EquityVest.

Advancing Sustainable Solutions To Material Poverty

The mission of Significant Matters is for advancing sustainable solutions to material poverty

A Performance Philanthropy Fund

The SAT Catalyst Fund makes it possible for individuals, churches and businesses to practice “Impact Investing” with faith-driven endeavors using Designated PRI Accounts.

Sustainable and Transformative Talks

We host SaTtalks which highlight some of the most forward-thinking models of sustainable and transformative solutions within the faith-based world.


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