Test The Waters

“Test the Waters” (TTW) lets you gauge investor interest prior to completing legal compliance work and the cost that entails. Basically, you are able to launch a pitch on our portal, spread the word, and have supporters indicate interest as a way to generate interest and/or determine whether or not to go forward with an official live offering.  Here’s a couple of important things about TTW:

·       The following disclosure must be included in all public communications (emails, ads, posts, etc.) during TTW:

(Name of your company) is considering a capital raise and is “testing-the-waters” under regulation crowdfunding to evaluate investor interest. No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed and only through the EquityVest platform. An indication of interest submitted via the “Reserve your Investment” button on our offer page involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

·       You must take screenshots of all your public communications (emails, ads, posts, etc.) regarding your offer during TTW and include them along with your Form C (step 5).  You must also direct people to your Offering Page on EquityVest to see any offering terms.

·       All indications of interest during TTW are non-binding and no funds are exchanged.  Once all legal documents are filed (Step 5) we will let those who have indicated an interest know it is now live and ask them to confirm.  But remember, an indication of interest during TTW does not bind the investor to an actual investment once your offer goes live.